Keep Your Ego in Check

Article written by William Manning © Ok, lets admit it, we all have some EGO. After all, our photography is, well, pretty darn good. People need our work to sell their products and services. Without our talent these folks would go out of business, they would have no where to turn. WRONG. I

Take Control of Your Business (Part 2)

Written by William Manning ( Design a Price Structure Design a price structure that will lead you to success. It's going to happen, so be prepared. When you get that phone call and the potential client loves what they see, the question is bound to come up, "What are your

Take Control of Your Business (Part 1)

Written by William Manning ( Photographers who find success in their profession aren't always the most talented behind the camera. In many cases its the photographer who mastered the art of business management who find success in the industry. All to often, photographers think

A Look at Your Photography Investment and Pricing It (Part 2)

Yesterday we talked about your expenses to run an office and equipment overhead, today lets look at some real numbers to create those photos. Both examples below are locations I shot several years ago (Thailand 2006 and Croatia 2007). I choose these locations because they have a history on the

A Look at Your Photography Investment and Pricing It (Part 1)

Written by William Manning How much is a photo worth? This is not an easy question to answer and in many cases we as photographers have little or no say on what price is placed on a photo sold through a third party. What we do have control over is either play the game and hope for the best or sell

Is the New Stock Photography Business Model Right for You?

Article and Photography by William Manning I remember well the days of making a reasonably good living or at least providing a respectable supplemental income selling pictures, especially compared to today. It took a fair amount talent, a good business sense and a little luck. That business model

PhotoBizCoach Proudly Introduces William Manning

William Manning castle

Dear PhotoBizCoach Blog Reader, Today I am introducing our first official guest contributor William Manning. Please read the below interview that introduces him to you. You will be seeing regular contributions from William in the future. Bill, you’ve been in the photo business for quite some