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Freemium and Freeconomics - A Hot Debate


How Can You Make Money In a Freeconomy? Following my last two blog entries on "I Am Mad" and "My Ego Was Badly Bruised" I figured I take this lively discussion perhaps a step further. This morning I was browsing through my editions of "Speaker" magazine. From the October 2009 edition I once again

My Ego Was Badly Bruised


My Ego Was Badly Bruised, Follow up on: I Am Mad It's been an interesting couple of days to say the least. Let's quickly recap. I got mad, threw an online temper tantrum and said a few of the things a lot think but don't dare to say. And I got a lot of response. Let's use what happens for some

Noteworthy Updates June 22, 2009

POST ONE: LAST CHANCE Tomorrow is the first day of my webinar with New Media for Photography specialist and guru Rosh Sillars. What is it: A one hour intensive teaching you insider tricks and tips so you can learn how to utilize new media, social media and marketing. I am all about the business and

Adobe MAX Conference 2009

Post One: Adobe MAX conference 2009 Welcome to Adobe MAX 2009 October 4–7 Los Angeles, California We are in a software revolution fueled by social networking, cloud computing, and the proliferation of rich media across screens and devices. For four unforgettable days this October, MAX 2009 will

Made Me Look - Fabulous Self Promotion

I'd like to share a great example of a fabulous self promotion with you. Something fun, simple and it made me look, put a huge grin on my face. I watched the entire thing, appreciated it and recommend it = promote the photographer. Here is how it happened. Just the other day I got a message (one of

Interview with Exec. Photography Director and a Deadline Approaching

Just a moment ago I finished my session with Executive Director of Photography for abc Television Ettore Zuccarelli. What a great call that was! For one hour Ettore shared the in's and out's of his job at abc very openly. This seventeen year veteran talks about he got to be where he is today and

Two Major Deadlines Approaching FAST

The Lucie Awards One of my favorite awards in the industry. I just realized that the deadline is coming up and I have not covered it. I went to the very first award show in which one of my favorite photographers Tim Street Porter won an award in the architectural category. This is a good one so get