What Do You Get For $5?


I Will Make You Happy for $5 Says one of the first entries and another one says I'll be your fan and link my fan page to yours and promote you to 15,000  fans. What's this? My friend and fellow small biz owner and AH! Ring creator Ruta Fox from Divine Diamonds is an avid internet reader and

Meet the President(s)

Cepic's Vice President Klaus Plaumann and President Christina Vaughan (ImageSource) Please watch this quick video with Cepic's VP Klaus Plaumann at Cepic. He briefly explains why it's important to attend this largest industry event and its benefits to the attendees. The final number was even

What's Next in the Photo Industry

The Luck of the Irish After you sell your company for the pocket change amount of $135 million dollars to Getty what do you do next? Jerry Kennelly, the colorful former owner of the hugely successful Irish Stockbyte that he sold for this huge number has cooked up his next big thing. What is it

ASPP Hosts the LA Photo Pro Expo June 26

WEST COAST ASPP ANNOUNCES LOS ANGELES PHOTO PRO EXPO Los Angeles, CA…The West Coast Chapter of the American Society of Picture Professionals is hosting a day for Los Angeles Photo Professionals, Saturday, June 26th, 10AM – 4PM, at 3619 Eastham Studios in Culver City. Attendees will have the

Using New Media to Find Business Not Just More Friends

Recap from Presentation at the New Media Conference at Cepic Presented by Beate Chelette and Marco Oonk Since I sold my specialized stock photography syndication Beateworks to Corbis in 2006 it’s been busy. After running Corbis’ prestigious global Outline and Entertainment divisions until 2008 I

Are You Being Trashed?

What Would You Need to Know About Copy Writing? Aren't We In the Picture Business? Members Call Recap with Tom N. Tumbusch. Have you gotten your head around the fact that you are primarily in the business of marketing your services to existing and potential clients? As for me, sure I am the

How to Close The Deal

Beate at the Hofbraeuhaus

Blackstar Rising: Features vs. Benefits For my monthly video column on Blackstar's blog I recorded a short video during my last getaway weekend in Las Vegas. I'm known to run around with my video camera and while we were exploring this great National Park,  I stopped two times to ponder over the

ASPP at the Getty

Beate with the ASPP at the Getty

Member Benefits Galore This past weekend I got to do something I really enjoy. Which is to go to the Getty Museum. When the ASPP send their announcement that Program Director Sheridian Stancliff has scored a private tour for the members I was in. Watch this short video on the Getty Museum. As

Learn From A Master - A Once In A Lifetime Chance


Masterclass With Douglas Hill Los Angeles based Douglas Hill is very dear to me. We met many years ago when he was one of the first to believe in me when I emerged as a  new, start-up stock syndication specialized in Architecture, Interior and Living Well images. At that time, he already had been

My Ego Was Badly Bruised


My Ego Was Badly Bruised, Follow up on: I Am Mad It's been an interesting couple of days to say the least. Let's quickly recap. I got mad, threw an online temper tantrum and said a few of the things a lot think but don't dare to say. And I got a lot of response. Let's use what happens for some

Noteworthy Updates 4/11/2010


I've been a bit quiet because I've been on back to back trips. First to New York and then to Vancouver, Canada for some much needed R&R (rest and relax). Just got back last night and am already in the midst of catching up. First things first. Our next free call is this coming Tuesday. If you

The Controversial Marketing Tip.. you didn't want to hear

Marketing Tip for Photographers

This Just In: Marketing for Businesses with an Internet Presence Love them, hate them - it doesn't matter, you need them.  What's it? It is a Squeeze Page. Yuck, uhg, ugly, not for me, how dare you, an insult to my creative eyes that are only used to seeing beautiful pictures. I know, I know, I

What Are Clients Looking For?

What Are Clients Looking For? Photography Business Success Coach Beate answers most frequently asked questions by photographers. This is video number nine and deals with what clients are looking for from photographers during a tough economic climate. Watch all ten videos on this blog. This series is

MacTribe Interviews Photography Biz Coach Beate

Watch and Read the Interview for MacTribe During my last visit to New York when my daughter Gina and I were doing the college tour I carved out some time to speak with Dan Robillard and Ilissa Knisley from MacTribe. MacTribe takes the traditional content and updates it for the new generation of