Is photography about seeing or being looked at?


by  guest blogger Cristiano Burmester from Brazil The first time I heard that question I immediately thought about the relationship between a photographer and a model during a photography session. A simple portrait is a good example of how photography is not a one person statement. What I

Facebook and Your Photography Business


New Facebook Changes in 2013 For Your Photography Business by guest blogger Stanna Johnson Break out your Facebook ads manager, fix a steaming pot of coffee, and get ready to get to work on your advertising and marketing for your photography business. As always Facebook keeps changing the rules

7 Step Video Bootcamp

For Immediate Release BEATE CHELETTE  “PHOTOBIZ COACH” HELPS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS INCREASE THEIR INCOME IN TODAY’S TOUGH ENVIRONMENT Chelette Builds Photo Businesses With Her Unique Systems  --  Launches Free “7 Step Video Bootcamp” Beate Chelette, a veteran in the

You Never Know How Clients Will Find You

Beate Biz Card

Here's a post on building quality relationships because you never know how and when clients will find you in the photography business. As your PhotoBiz Coach I talk a lot about networking and marketing your business. Success in business is build on the quality and longevity of your relationships.

Facebook Marketing: A Sinking Ship? Part Two

Anne Herbert Photography

This is part two of the Facebook Promoted Posts story from guest blogger © Anne Herbert for the PhotoBizCoach  ... continued from Part One In Part One I talked about two techniques to bolster your marketing in light of Facebook's recent changes regarding promoted posts.  In Part Two I'll

What Is Branding and What Goes Into It?


This past week I went on a vlog bonanza! Below please find your first one about branding. Client, photographer and avid blog reader Momi asked this question: What goes into Branding? Listen to the answer in the video below: By the way, did you know that we have over 155,000 YouTube channel

From Flash To Cash Strategies On Finding More Clients

Here is a video explaining 3 of my From Flash to Cash Strategies on how to find more clients. 1.) Cash Machine 2.) Targeted Campaign 3.) Mass Market Let me know your thoughts on these. Keep pushing forward! Your Coach Beate

What They Don't Teach You In Photography School

Photography Business Intensive Course launching on July 21st. We are almost sold out only 2 more spots available. Let me know if you have any questions. You can email me at

Marketing and Branding - What's the difference?

PhotoBizCoach Beate explains the difference between marketing and branding. Watch 3 easy ideas how to better  your brand and increase marketing effectiveness.  

Take Control of Your Business (Part 1)

Written by William Manning ( Photographers who find success in their profession aren't always the most talented behind the camera. In many cases its the photographer who mastered the art of business management who find success in the industry. All to often, photographers think

Innovative Biz Ideas for Photo Pros

A few weeks ago I was invited by JVH Tech to speak in front of 180 photography professionals about my favorite topic. How to get into the right mindset, get new clients and create a sustainable business. Please watch the movie below to see some of the highlights of my talk. Do you have an

Selling or Connecting?

For this month's mentoring membership I was able to secure a good friend and extraordinary speaker and coach. Jonathan Sprinkles. So, what's his stick? As you probably know by now, I go to a lot of events and I meet a lot of people who are authors and speakers. Mindset, self improvement and many

What Is a Great Picture?

What Makes a Great Picture

Please review my blog entry at Blackstar Rising. Topic is what makes a great picture?

How To Stay Positive in a Negative Environment

How to stay positive

I'm Coming, I'm Coming

2008 Dec Malinchak Boot Camp 700

Yes it's true, I am coming to Seattle. Bellevue to be exact and I will be speaking about "Business Strategies for Photo Pros." Best of all, you are invited to come and even better, the event is free. Digital large format printing specialist JVH is facilitating two great educational events and

PhotoBizCoach Proudly Introduces William Manning

William Manning castle

Dear PhotoBizCoach Blog Reader, Today I am introducing our first official guest contributor William Manning. Please read the below interview that introduces him to you. You will be seeing regular contributions from William in the future. Bill, you’ve been in the photo business for quite some

Find Your Inner Rockstar

Meet A Really Great Guy A couple of days ago I had my friend Craig Duswalt on the call. We discussed his Rockstar System for Success. He teaches how to become a Rockstar in your industry. Twice a year he facilitates an event, his Rockstar Bootcamp in Los Angeles. The next one is on September

Are You A Rockstar In The Photography Industry?


It's Time To Get Back To Business! I get it, it's not until Labor Day weekend in the US and the middle of September rolls around in Europe that we are ready to call it a summer. But , it's time to get back to business. I'll do what I can on my end to make this last quarter count for you. For my

How Good Is Your First Impression?


Does your website bring out the best in you? You've heard this one before. "There is only one first impression." While I believe that it's true -  in our world a new thing can be just that one great reason you need to get in front of your clients - again, I've had several posts recently about the

How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd

Photobizcoach for Blackstar

From Anonymous to Popular This question keeps popping up: "How do I stand out, how can I set myself apart?" Just yesterday I was in contact with a husband and wife photographer team in Vancouver who have won my "From Flash to Cash System." I asked for a testimonial and she said something alongside