Is Pinterest a Yes or No for Photographers?

It's the new thing. Don't tell me what you like - SHOW ME. In the age group of 35+ women Pinterest has taken off as if it was for free. Wait a minute, it IS free. Good for the users but what about the unsuspecting copyright holders who are watching their copyrighted work being pinned right off their

Learn When and How To Safely Use Online Images

Please spread the word. This was just sent to me by Offir, the CEO of picscout. Hi, Help us at picscout to invite as many possible, creativepro, communication workers, bloggers, graphic designers and other people who interact with images on a daily basis, invite them to register to a free webinar

Noteworthy Updates 9/13/09

Post One: Annie Leibovitz Reaches Temporary Setttlement Good news for now. At least for the time being Annie Leibovitz got a little bit of air to breath and more time to figure things out. Read the article on NY Times here. Post Two: Los Angeles Times Writer Unclear About Copyright This article

Noteworthy Updates July 21, 2009

Post One: Here's a great blog entry I came across on one of the LinkedIn Groups "Studio Photography" I participate in, written by Kammy Thurman a Copywriter/Consultant at Anchor Creative about the proper way to get testimonials. Five tips for creating testimonials that work There has been

Noteworthy Updates

Here are ton's of events and updates: Post One: Focus On Nature, Photography Workshops in Iceland Focus On Nature offers you thoroughly unique experiences – photographic workshops, lead by world-renowned photographers, guided by local professionals, in stunningly beautiful Iceland. Some of the

Copyright, Intellectual Property et al!

(click on images for more info) ASPP / PACA Copyright Seminar Culver City CA, Saturday, April 4, 2009, 9:00 am - 12 noon for Chicago info please scroll down Why you should do this: If you can you must go. Nancy Wolff is not just one of the most respected and nicest attorneys but this topic is her