TipSheet Posted: The Courage To Conquer Fear

PhotoBizCoach Beate How To Conquer Fear

TipSheet Posted: The Courage to Conquer Fear Since my book Happy Woman Happy World was published, I have been a guest on a number of radio shows. One of the questions I am frequently asked is how I made my comeback from being $135,000 in debt, having a business that made no money, and being a

Free 7 Step PhotoBiz Bootcamp OPENING again

Free 7 Step PhotoBiz Video Bootcamp

If you want to learn the secrets of the world's most successful photographers for free - it's time to enroll in the 7 Step Video Bootcamp starting on February 1st. Due to serious time constraints, (I just published my book and massive travel with being on book tour, along with speaking engagements,)

Do What You Love AND Make Money

Do what you love and make money_PhotoBizCoach

Do what you love and make money, wouldn't that be nice if  that a.) it was true and b.) it also meant that money comes flowing in automatically? It is possible and it can, but obviously not when we are sitting on the couch and do nothing. A few extra steps are needed. Money comes flowing in when

Marketing Strategies: Portraying the Right Message at the Right Time

Marketing for your photography business

By Guest Blogger Stephen Craig Have you ever wondered how companies seem to almost read your mind? One minute you are thinking of a specific product and the next you see an ad for it. Don’t worry you are not alone. No, you have not lost your mind either. Many of us have gone through this

Facebook Image Policy

dinosaur model under construction

This is an announcement about the amended Facebook image policy because we have to do something about losing the rights to our images. If you are not on Facebook you can disregard this post. Here's the scoop and forgive me if I am too outspoken. I just read the ASMP and APP warning about the

5 Simple Strategies To Stay Focused

PhotoBizCoach Stay Focused

A client of mine calls it spinning.  I call it helicopter brain. Our lives seem almost manic at times, and I’m guessing you feel it, too. Between coaching, editing my new book, event speaking, interviews, consulting and being the mom of an aspiring and talented young woman, my ability to focus

TipSheet Posted - Branding Secrets

Branding for your photography business

This month's Photography Business TipSheet about Branding just posted. If you want to know what you need to know to build a strong brand go there and download it now. Photography is the ultimate visual business. It should be easy for everyone in our industry to look good. Why is it then, that we

Content is King

PhotoBizCoach BEate

A few days back I made an announcement about the launch of my involvement with Gerber Global Media Content in Switzerland. I've answered a flood of questions as to the why and how and what,  both,  privately and my LinkedIn Group Photography Business what it is and why I think this is a big

How To Deal With Difficult Clients

Haven't we all our fair share of difficult clients in your photography business? They want this and that, not to mention more different set-ups, a last minute change, additional props, and nothing ever seems to be right. Here is the trick how to deal with difficult clients...  

Final Invitation To Free Video Bootcamp

We just did a shoot at Aesthesia Studio's in Culver City with Michael Grecco and recorded this video invite for you to join the Free Video Bootcamp. We are closing enrollment on Wednesday. This is it. Miss it and you have to wait till fall. Enroll now

How To Be Your Best Rep

How To Be Your Own Best Rep

Here is an announcement from friend and colleague Debra Weiss who is facilitating an event in Chicago on May 22nd. Please take a look at the announcement below. It is extremely affordable so it is a no-brainer to go. Debra knows what she is talking about, she has a long record in the industry.

Is It Time To Quit The Photography Business?

Just a few days ago I found out that a well-known photographer (in his niche) who is on the board of a major organization doesn't like me. There was an incident over 20 years ago that I don't even remember but apologized for, but he seems determined to hold onto it for whatever reasons he may

Photography Business Success Through Social Media


In our LinkedIn Group Photography Business, we asked our members what they need the most help with. Social Media had the most requests after Word of Mouth Marketing, which I just covered in our last TipSheet. Even some of the most successful Internet Marketers and Businesses struggle to get their

How To Reconnect With Clients That You Haven't Been In Touch With

Victoria from the UK asked what could be done to reconnect with clients that your Photography Business hasn't been in touch with for a while. Here are some of my ideas how to warm up clients that you've 'forgotten' for a while. If you have any tips on how you handle how to reconnect with clients

Do You Want To Find More Clients (and how that really works...)

Happy Photography Business Clients

Earlier this week I examined what many photography professionals commonly do when they want to find more clients. They license the rights to use a list and send things to people they don't know. Most likely these people don't want to get what you send them and the whole thing more often than not is

How Do You Find Clients For Your Photography Business?

How do you find more clients

How do you find clients? This is the number one question I get from photography professionals just like you. It is also the reason why I created the Photography Business Intensive., an online video and live coaching course that I facilitate only three times a year.  If you are a follower you may

PhotoBiz Bootcamp Only A Few Days Left

Click here to join us for the Free PhotoBiz Bootcamp starting January 6th!  

Special Announcement From The PhotoBizCoach

PhotoBizCoach Beate

I am grateful. I am angry. I am excited. Gratitude, I know, it's one of those self-help guru keywords. To me gratitude isn't so much an exercise in becoming artificially modest even thought it is attribute that I do not posses. Gratitude to me is about being aware of what you have in your life

When Bad Things Happen In Your Photography Business

dinosaur model under construction

Some aspects of the photography business are, (lets face it), rather boring in truth. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them though and in fact you do so at your peril. I’m talking about and important photography business item -  insurance for photographers. A post by guest blogger JR

What's An Image Worth?

What's an Image worth?

This month I've examined the photography business question what's an image worth for my column at Blackstar Rising. Take a look.