PhotoBiz Intensive

How To Turn Your Photography Business From Just Okay to Buzzing
In Only Three Weeks With PhotoBizCoach Beate

PhotoBiz Intensive Course Dates: October 1, 8, 15 (2014)

You know you need to market more effectively but don't know how...

So Here's Everything You Get...

  • Live & Recorded Three 75-minute online video classes packed with business know-how + my secret insider backdoor strategies ($497 value)

  • Three 90-minute (each) LIVE coaching sessions with PhotoBizCoach Beate packed with business know-how plus my secret insider backdoor strategies ($1150 value)

  • Membership in the PhotoBiz Academy for 12 months  ($97/Month value - total $1164.00)

  • Fast Action Bonus: The first 10 registrants receive the printed edition of the TipSheet + Tip Sheet Binder
    ($197 value)

  • Tip Sheet Archive ($500 value)

  • Most Popular You Tube Video's (value priceless)

  • Complete PhotoBiz Audio recordings. Listen how industry giants pros like Celebrity shooter Michael Grecco, and commercial superstar Colin Anderson got to the top. ($997/ value)

Total Value: $4505.00
You have seen what I can do in four minutes a day. Imagine how much you and I can do for your business in three recorder and three live session!

Participating in Beate’s course was like receiving new eyeglasses. Things were sudden sharp and clear after the course. Things I thought I knew I clearly did not! She has a matter-of-fact presentation that is laid out very clear and concise. With her comments, I’ve been able to make changes to help bring new positive attention to my work. She also gives you a good slap of reality and helps bring you out of your marketing funk. During the course, her advice helped me book more work than usual and that in turn paid for my course. I highly recommend it.

~Courtney Dailey,, Beauty photographer, Los Angeles

I addressed the creative site of my business and had started on the marketing site. Yet I knew things on my business end where still lacking. That is when Beate’s PhotoBizCoach Bootcamp and the PhotoBizCoach Intensive came to my attention.  Just in time to ensure my marketing efforts would be effective.
Beate addressed the hurdles artist face every working day first. The step-by-step sessions helped me focus on the task needed to grow my business.  I am armed with new tools and goals for my business and myself. I came out knowing I can and will do better.  I can’t wait to tell you when my first success stories start coming in because after all I learned I can't help but know they will come.

Thanks Beate   ~Iris Richardson;,

Pre- enrollment at the old price Only $397

Price will increase to $497

(payment plan available)