3 Great TED Videos on Business and Creativity

Guest Post by Author Ken Wilson While business is often thought to be a dry subject dealing with numbers and statistics, it is actually one of the core drivers of creating new technology. One of the most important components of business is creativity, and business at its best can lead to

Instagram Parody

Instagram Fast Beautiful Liars

My friend Bob Eveleth from HoldMyMemories.com just send me this hilarious Instagram Parody. It's true, everyone is a photographer these days! I thought you'll enjoy something funny for a change.  

How To Deal With Difficult Clients

Haven't we all our fair share of difficult clients in your photography business? They want this and that, not to mention more different set-ups, a last minute change, additional props, and nothing ever seems to be right. Here is the trick how to deal with difficult clients...  

How To Reconnect With Clients That You Haven't Been In Touch With

Victoria from the UK asked what could be done to reconnect with clients that your Photography Business hasn't been in touch with for a while. Here are some of my ideas how to warm up clients that you've 'forgotten' for a while. If you have any tips on how you handle how to reconnect with clients

How To Handle Criticism From Other Photographers

Recently I put out the question to you what you wanted to know about the photography business. Christine asked "How do you handle criticism from other photographers?" Here is your answer:

3 Things That Make Your Photography Business Website Successful

What makes your photobiz site successful

Can you believe this! I almost forgot to post this video that I created for my monthly video column on Blackstar Rising. In this video I am telling you about 3 Things That Make Your Photography Business Website Successful.  Violate at your own risk Enjoy, your

Why Hire A Professional Photographer?


In this edition of Ask the Photography Business Coach for Black Star Rising I talk about the difference between “great” and “good enough” in photography and how that difference helps explain the need for professional photographers. Only a professional photographer can deliver a consistently

Creativity Dead?


In this video on Black Star Rising I address the question: “Is creativity dead?” No way! After a relatively dark period for creativity – brought on largely by business efforts to hold down costs – we’re on the verge of a resurgence that will benefit photo businesses.

What Should You Write In The About Section Of Your Website?

Watch this so you can avoid the most commonly made HUGE mistake when writing your copy for your website.

PhotoBiz Bootcamp Only A Few Days Left

Click here to join us for the Free PhotoBiz Bootcamp starting January 6th!  

What's An Image Worth?

What's an Image worth?

This month I've examined the photography business question what's an image worth for my column at Blackstar Rising. Take a look.                      

The Art Of Negotiation In The Photography Business

Ever had a tough time explaining in your negotiation with your photography business customers why they need to pay for what they buy from you? This very humorous video takes industry specific client objections and puts them into a different context. With amusing results. Enjoy!

What Is A Professional Photographer?

This video is about what a client should come to expect from professional photographer. You wonder why your clients don't know what  is a professional  photographer? How can you get this across to your clients? What can they expect from you? Here is a video about the professional photography

Leadership Lessons

This month I will be talking a lot about leadership and moving ahead. Trailblazing and setting trends can be uncomfortable and even awkward. But watch what happens when the leader sticks to their idea and how others are starting to join in. Love this little clip from YouTube that has gotten over 1.7

Does Social Media Activity Work for Photography Professionals?

Does social media activity work for photography professionals

You either love or hate social media. We've just examined Pinterest, let's take a look at a frequently asked question. Does social media work for photography professionals? Watch the video that I first posted at Blackstar Rising and tell me what works for you. Would love to get your input from your

Bear with us..

We are remodeling right now. Over the next few days you will most likely see a few things here and there that don't work. Feel free to send me an email to office@photobizcoach.com to let me know what you found that's not working yet. Bear with us, we are putting this site on steroids! Beate

LinkedIn - What Mistakes You Need To Avoid

LinkedIn is one of those things. Love it or hate - there is no way to get around using LinkedIn as a photography business professional. Because LinkedIn does such excellent SEO very often your LinkedIn profile shows up in Google searches. For that reason alone it has to be flawless. Another reason

How To Build Your Brand Video II


This is video II about branding. The below video explains how to build your brand into a successful photography business. This week I am promoting our YouTube channel. Just in case you haven't checked it out please go here right now. We are growing like wildfire. 155,000 channel views, 150

What Is Branding and What Goes Into It?


This past week I went on a vlog bonanza! Below please find your first one about branding. Client, photographer and avid blog reader Momi asked this question: What goes into Branding? Listen to the answer in the video below: By the way, did you know that we have over 155,000 YouTube channel

Is The Photography Industry in Trouble?

Has the photography industry bottomed out

Watch this short video that I recorded for my column at Blackstar about the state of our industry. Have we bottomed out? And what does that mean for your photography business? Your feedback and your thoughts are as always very appreciated. By the way, please do send me your questions about the