Facebook Image Policy

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This is an announcement about the amended Facebook image policy because we have to do something about losing the rights to our images. If you are not on Facebook you can disregard this post. Here's the scoop and forgive me if I am too outspoken. I just read the ASMP and APP warning about the

Brand New :-)


...And free :-) Here's the scoop: Just put the finishing touches on a brand new training is for you. It's all about how to build a high paying client base through word of mouth and leveraging social media. (We'll also cover how to get found on the internet with some killer SEO secret

Free Photography Business Tips


It is time again. I've decided to facilitate a quick call for you. After the bootcamp we got so much feedback that I want to address some of your most frequently asked questions. Nothing fancy, just me showing you a few tricks and you asking your questions. Join me for a free call on my insider

Bear with us..

We are remodeling right now. Over the next few days you will most likely see a few things here and there that don't work. Feel free to send me an email to office@photobizcoach.com to let me know what you found that's not working yet. Bear with us, we are putting this site on steroids! Beate

SEO and Google Rankings for photographers


Here Is Your Easy Button For SEO and Google Rankings Just a moment ago I finished a great call on SEO with Ted VanCleave and myself, your PhotoBizCoach. We had a couple hundred creative professionals on our webinar about the photography business. If you were on the call I want to thank you for

SEO for Photography Websites

Ted Van Cleave

Meet Ted VanCleave, our SEO specialist There really isn't another way to say it, but SEO is a pain in the rear. Every time you think you got it figured out how Google works they change the rules. I am not an overly technical person but I have come to realize that it is all about being found

Monetize Your Experience

This just in. Ready to become a more visible expert in your field, reach more of your market, and generate more income? My amazing friend and colleague and very popular PhotoBizCoach call guest Liz Lynch is joining me for another call. You may remember her as the author of Networking Excellence and

Taking Life Head On

Today I want to share with you a secret that can help you change your life for the better right away instead of "someday." I've noticed that many of the readers of this blog are perfectly capable of handling photography assignments but struggle with finding a truly positive outlook. Our industry

Are You A Rockstar In The Photography Industry?


It's Time To Get Back To Business! I get it, it's not until Labor Day weekend in the US and the middle of September rolls around in Europe that we are ready to call it a summer. But , it's time to get back to business. I'll do what I can on my end to make this last quarter count for you. For my

Sharpen Your Presentation Skills


Open Call Recap - How Good Do You Look? Just in case you are new to the blog please allow me to quickly fill you in on a free perk for all my readers, followers and friends. Each and every month I facilitate an open call that is absolutely free with a top industry expert. The last free call was

How Good Is Your First Impression?


Does your website bring out the best in you? You've heard this one before. "There is only one first impression." While I believe that it's true -  in our world a new thing can be just that one great reason you need to get in front of your clients - again, I've had several posts recently about the

A Disciplined Approach to Creativity

My next Next Free Call With Michael Stern Michael Stern is a photographer that is a 100% “outside the box” thinker. He approaches every shoot in a way that is different from any other photographer. This approach has won him clients such as Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers and Universal

Publicity for Photo Professionals (Free Call)


Free Monthly Call with Publicity Guru Jill Lublin on May 11, 2010 I scored in a big way. It's been worth the wait, because this lady has a pretty busy schedule. Between her TV engagements, touring for one of her three bestselling books and being featured in national newspapers - she's going to be on

I Am Mad and Wont Take It Anymore

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Recap of Free Call with Daniel Tardent I am mad. Actually, I am really mad and here is why. This past Tuesday I facilitated my monthly Free Call with Daniel Tardent. It was a call on Search Engine Optimization or SEO. We had almost 200 people who had pre-registered for the call. We had lots of

Announcing FREE CALL "SEO For Artists"


Photosecrets Next Free Call Is On Search Engine Optimization In my job I hear from photographers who are ready to take their business to the next level, and one of the first things I do is to visit their websites. I see a lot of them, and I’m always eager to check how high they rank in search

Free Call Recap with ASPP President Michael Masterson

Recap of Call with Michael Masterson, National President of the ASPP This last Tuesday I had the honor to speak with Michael Masterson, National President of the Association of Picture Professionals. As a reminder, each month I facilitate a Free Call. You can sign up for the next one which is on SEO

Membership Call Recap


Interview With The Stock Photo Guy John Lund I am pretty lucky. Why? Because I do what I love and I get to talk to very interesting people. For my upcoming "How to Make Money With Stock" course that I did with Jack Hollingsworth we interviewed industry veteran Ellen Boughn. She mentioned this

The Power of Association


How to Get Clients Through Networking You may have guessed it, it's Photography Association month over here at Photography Business Secrets. On March 13 I am the moderator and participant of an exciting ASPP event. If you have not read the details and signed up for the event, please click here.

Freedom For a Day Call Recap


Two weeks ago I facilitated my monthly free call with author and professional speaker James Goddard. The call wasn't about my usual type of business related topics but this time it was about having the right mindset. Each month I have a free call that is open for anyone to join. The next one is