Photography Business Community Launched On Facebook

I’ve had it. Facebook groups suck. I keep adding people and a day later we are back at 529. I think that is the number Facebook wants me to have in my group. Then I add a bunch more and two days later we are back at 529.

I’ve had it. We have a Fanpage now.

My vision is to have an active exchange on that page very much like we have on LinkedIn. The Photography Business Group on LinkedIn is 8400 people strong and I think we can rock Facebook as well.

Like if you like, tell your friends if you like.

Coach Beate




  1. Totally agree. Fantastic waste of time, but it is easier to attract names to a Facebook page than to, say, a Tumblr or WordPress blog. Tried going Facebook-less cold-turkey, ended up re-building my studio's Facebook page.

    I always feel like I need a shower after working on Facebook.

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