What Do You Get For $5?

I Will Make You Happy for $5

Says one of the first entries and another one says I’ll be your fan and link my fan page to yours and promote you to 15,000  fans.

What’s this?

My friend and fellow small biz owner and AH! Ring creator Ruta Fox from Divine Diamonds is an avid internet reader and researcher and she just shot me over a link to a website called Fiverr. It’s about all kinds of services offered for 5 bucks!

Click here to get  the link to the website.

You can get a personal website or a blog for $5 or someone will teach you how to use your iPhone properly. Someone will teach you Google Analytics or install them, you can get Twitter followers and people to be added to your RSS feed. It’s mind boggling what the site offers.

For $5, what do I have to lose? I ordered an RSS feed service, one to index my blog on Google with 25 backlinks and a Facebook promotion for my group.

As of right now you have no excuse to not have a blog. $5 that’s the price of a Venti specialty drink at Starbucks!

Will keep you in the loop of how this works out but I am cautiously optimistic. How cool is this?


  1. Michael says:

    This is great! All kinds of stuff for $5!

  2. I ran across the Fiverr site the other day myself, and though I combed thru a number of offerings, held off wondering if the quality of followers or network referrals would help or hurt?? I'd be curious to learn more about your experience.

  3. Noam says:

    Amazingly true.
    My new fan page was built for $5 from someone in Fiverr
    and you are welcome to "Like"

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