Turn Your Talent Into A Business In 12 Steps

Turn your talent into a business in 12 Steps

Turn Your Talent Into A Business In 12 Steps Please reserve the dates. On May 15-16-17, I am facilitating a workshop at CreativeLive.com and you are invited. It is free to watch the live online workshop each of the three days. Please RSVP

Business Networking - What is my affect on others?

In the world of business networking, you are spending a lot of time interacting with other people.  What is your affect on them?  How do they think of you? How do your interactions make them think of you? Many times I have seen people who have been involved with a networking group get so

Getty Images Race To The Bottom

Marketing for your photography business

Recently Getty Images announced the availability of over 3 Million images for free to anyone who wants them.  I had to stop and pause. Generally speaking I have no issue to voice my opinion, but in this case I had a feeling that there was more to it. Something didn't add up. I wondered WHY would an

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Can't see clearly

Do as I say not as I do. Here are four steps that can help you get past the roadblocks in your life. One of my passions is to help my clients create the life and business of their dreams.  The plan is simple enough. First we identify what we need and want in our personal lives and career in

Pricing Your Photography Work

Photoshelter, in partnership with Wonderful Machine, just launched a new white paper about pricing your photography work. Photographers can get tips to connect with news clients and publications, learn what fees and terms to expect, plus get negotiating pointers and resources to help build their

Networking for Photographers - Are you spending your time or investing your time?

So you've been going to business networking meetings for a while now. How are you approaching them?  Are you "spending" your time, or "investing" your time in networking.  If you're there, you're spending your time, but you may or not be "investing" your time.  What's the difference?  If you

Photoshelter's Guide to Selling Fine Art Photography released


As you know I love keeping my followers up on the latest and greatest.  Photoshelter is always a great source for information and they have just released their Guide to Selling Fine Art Photography!  They have teamed up with the Center for Fine Art Photography to create the latest guide. It has

Update About Sovereign Immunity and Photography

Two days - two strikes. This past weekend my blog reported about The Color Run and photographer Maxwell Jackson. Due to the massive response from this and other outlets that case was settled within only 48 hours after we broke the news to our tribe. Today I received another note from a

The Color Run - The Final Chapter

This morning I found out that The Color Run and Maxwell Jackson have reached a mutually beneficial settlement. Case closed. Bravo to Travis and Max for putting their differences aside and coming to an agreement quickly. As someone who's been in a lawsuit - just know that it is not a great

The Color Run - The Other Side

Last night as I was on a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders I received a notice from The Color Run. They posted a response. Here it is: http://thecolorrun.com/689-2/ I told them, and I told Maxwell Jackson that I was going to  post this because this is the other side to  the story. After

Dealing With Doubt And Fear

Happy Fish

We’ve all been in that place, but the uncertainty can mean the beginning of an important transformation.  By Beate Chelette The days start innocently enough. We wake up, a bit sleepier then usual, and we don’t really want to get out of bed. Wouldn’t it be nice if today were a Saturday

The Ugly Truth about The Color Run

This morning I read a post on Facebook that was shared from fStopper. What I read was so infuriating that I posted it in my LinkedIn Group Photography Business (over 17,000 members now) and I am also posting it everywhere else. And... I ask you to do the same. We've discussed many times how some

How Businesses Can Benefit from Online Training


Take a look at the article on online training. As you know I personally believe in using technology for online training. I facilitate the PhotoBiz Intensive that is starting this week that way. Take a look, you might find this interesting. Guest Post by Author William Bancs The Internet

PhotoBiz Bootcamp About To Start

In case you missed it, the PhotoBiz Bootcamp is two days away from starting.  Enrollment for the Free 7 Day Photography Business Virtual Video Bootcamp is closing on January 31st at midnight Pacific Standard Time (US.) Enroll now: http://www.photobizcoach.com/bootcamp There are still a few

From Fear to Happiness! Conquering Fear and Overcoming Challenges

Beate Chelette on The Overwhelmed Brain

As you can tell by my posts, I've been working on a number of concepts that are all relating to how to conquer fear, find happiness and balance. Why? Because I just wrote a book about it. You can check it out on Amazon, it get's really fantastic reviews. As a result of my marketing and promotional

TipSheet Posted: The Courage To Conquer Fear

PhotoBizCoach Beate How To Conquer Fear

TipSheet Posted: The Courage to Conquer Fear Since my book Happy Woman Happy World was published, I have been a guest on a number of radio shows. One of the questions I am frequently asked is how I made my comeback from being $135,000 in debt, having a business that made no money, and being a

Free 7 Step PhotoBiz Bootcamp OPENING again

Free 7 Step PhotoBiz Video Bootcamp

If you want to learn the secrets of the world's most successful photographers for free - it's time to enroll in the 7 Step Video Bootcamp starting on February 1st. Due to serious time constraints, (I just published my book and massive travel with being on book tour, along with speaking engagements,)

My New Fake Artist Portfolio Response Letter

In response to my blog post My New Fake Artist Portfolio I am posting the response from the programmer. While at first I was ready to be very upset with Sures Kumar - I must say that after reading his email to me I believe he is making a very serious point, something I have not thought about before.

My New Fake Artist Portfolio

Don't worry if your work isn't that good yet because there is a new service out there. One that creates a fake artist portfolio. My friend and photographer Sharon Cavanagh posted this in the APA Facebook group. After I read it - I was outraged. Royal College of Art student Sures Kumar wrote a

New Year Resolutions

Beate Chelette Selfie in the bathroom mirror

New Year Resolutions If you are like most people, have your sights set on a few goals to accomplish in 2014. Perhaps your goals are personal, such as losing 10 pounds or working out more regularly. Or, maybe you’re thinking of something related to your career, like starting a new photography